United Engineering Contracting Company (UEC) with its diversified activities and accumulated experience is now a well established leading company in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of Electrical, Mechanical Engineering. 

UEC has built its genuine reputation on their ability to execute projects in a rapid, efficient, performing and accurate manner, with an absolute master mind in commanding advanced technologies, combined with experience and challenge aiming to meet targets in diverse environments. 

Competition is turning into global race against time, and anyone who wants to hold the distinction in the field has to stand the comparison with the best. 

Closer customer relations is a fundamental approach in the services sector, which eliminates confrontation and seeks benefits for both parties from team work hoping that you will prequalify our firm as a prospective bidder for electromechanical works for your future projects, we look forward to serve you. 

UEC is fully managed and supervised by well qualified & experience engineers, devoted to electromechanical fields. On a turnkey basis, UEC offers complete design, supply, installation, testing commissioning and maintenance services for projects. 

UEC staff with the skills and knowledge of its specialist Engineers and professional team in their respective field is committed to quality and in-depth service to its customers throughout the region and as always the accent has been on professionalism, expertise and efficient services. 

UEC has successfully completed a log of major projects in various regions of kingdom of Saudi Arabia with highly rank of accuracy and perfection, this profile/prepublication documents shows lists of some of major completed and current projects.